• What types of property do you buy?
    We’ll buy mobile homes with and without land, houses, and vacant land in ANY condition.

  • Do you buy mobile homes or properties in need of repair?
    We definitely buy mobile homes, houses, and properties that need any level of repairs. Let’s chat about the condition of your property.
  • Do you purchase the land or just the mobile home?
    We’ll purchase mobile homes with or without land.
  • Do you purchase homes on private property?
    A Mobile Homes with private property is our favorite to purchase, so YES we do! 😊

  • What is the difference between you and a real estate agent?
    We buy homes directly from you and offer you the best option, while real estate agents most often ask for commission in exchange for finding you a buyer.
  • How long have you been doing this?
    We’re seasoned pros who’ve been buying properties since 2003.
  • Which states do you operate in?
    We operate in central Florida.
  • Do you buy homes anywhere?
    While we buy homes in many places, we specialize in properties within 30 minutes of Plant City. This means anywhere from Brandon to Zephyrhills, Auburndale to Lithia, and everything in between!


  • Will you list my mobile home or house?
    No, we won’t list your house, but we’re always looking for mobile homes to buy.
  • How long does it take to get an offer?
    We give offers right away. But for the best offers, we like pictures of the property or the chance to walk your property. We specialize in giving you the best offer for your unique situation on the spot or just hours after we receive pics or walk the property.
  • Am I obligated to take your offer?
    You don’t have to accept our offer. But…we take an educational approach and will discuss your unique situation to optimize your offer.
  • Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
    There are no fees or commissions when working with us.
  • Will you actually be buying my property or just listing it on the MLS?
    We save you a step and buy your property directly rather than listing it on MLS.
  • Will you purchase homes in rough condition?
    Yes, we buy homes in rough condition.
  • Do you have any mobile homes for sale?
    We do not sell homes—we only buy!
  • How do I know I can trust you?
    We’ve been in the business since 2003. We’ll happily provide references, and we have stellar Facebook and Google reviews.


  • What is the process of selling my home?
    The process for selling your property is:
    1. We talk about your unique situation.
    2. We create a custom agreement.
    3. We sign with confidence.
  • What if my house is already listed with a real estate agent?
    We would love to sit down and talk with you and your agent. We believe your real estate agent should get paid.
  • Can I sell my house or property in probate?
    Yes, we’ve found the smoothest probate process is when you already have an agreement to sell your house or property. That enables us to close when probate is done. And that gets you money faster.  In some cases the cost of the probate can be paid by the proceeds of selling us your property. 
  • What is my mobile home worth?
    It’s tough to say without seeing it, but let’s schedule a walk around the property. Then we’ll promptly give you a quote.
  • Can I still sell my mobile home if I’m in the process of evicting a tenant or have tenant troubles?
    We are here to solve your problems. We can buy your mobile home even if there are tenant issues.
  • When do I turn off the utilities?
    You’ll turn off the utilities on the day of the closing.
  • I need to sell my inherited home. Will you buy it?
    We absolutely buy inherited homes! Let’s discuss the options for your new-to-you property.
  • If I do repairs, will my home’s value go up?
    Making repairs to your home can increase the value. But quality of the work as well as the type of repair is key.  Not ever repair improves the value of your home. We have found most people sell as is.
  • What if I cannot find my mobile home title?
    If you can’t find your mobile home title, we’ll work with a title company to acquire the right paperwork.
  • How can I sell my home if I owe more than your offer amount?
    If you still owe on your mobile home, we’ll take that into consideration when we make our offer. We have solutions. 
  • Do I need to keep the insurance on the home after we close?
    No, you don’t need to keep insurance on the mobile home after you close.
  • What do I do if the owner of the mobile home or house is deceased?
    You will most likely need to go through the probate process with an attorney. We’d be happy to refer you to a competent attorney who specializes in this.
  • How long does it take to buy my property?
    We have purchased as quick as 24 hours, but typically we close within 2-3 weeks. We are here to close at your convenience.
  • How many pictures should I take of my mobile home or house?
    The more pictures of your property the better. A few of each room and outside is preferred.
  • Do I have to pay for the mobile home moving expenses?
    No, in the event we are purchasing your mobile home and removing it from the property, we’ll pay for the move.
  • What if there are liens, taxes, or judgments that need to be paid before I can sell my mobile home and I am unable to pay them?
    Don’t worry—liens, taxes, and judgements will all be paid off at closing.